Monday, April 23, 2007

2004 Chateau Turcaud Entre-Deux-Mers

The property of Chateau Turcaud is located in the Gironde area, in the heart of the “ Entre-deux-mers” (Between two seas), only 30 kilometers from Bordeaux and 20 kilometers from Saint Emilion.

This producer makes 5 wines:
2 whites (Entre deux mers ,Bordeaux Blanc "Cuvée Bois")
2 reds (Bordeaux Rouge, Bordeaux supérieur "Cuvée majeure")
1 rose (Bordeaux rosé)
Of all these 5 wines, only the Entre-deux-mers and the Bordeaux Rouge are readily availble in this country.

Price paid: $9.99

The Entre-Deux-Mers SEC is composed of 50% sauvignon, 45 % sémillon, 5% muscadelle. Imported by Petit Pois Corp., NJ.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Sweet green apple, grapefruit and slightly floral notes.

Palate: The green apple nose follow throughs on the palette. As it warms up, pear and more concentrated citrus flavor is more evident.

Body: Light but good mouthfeel.

Finish: Crisp and clean. Short to medium finish. A slightly bitter aftertaste though not off-putting.

Comment: Excellent as both sipping or food wine. Had it with roasted cod with dill sauce; great match. Refigrated over night, the wine still holds well and developed a much rounder body.


Joe said...

a good, diversified start, and I like the way you have organized your tasting notes (mine are a big haphazzard). Keep it up - cheers!

andrew said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I can share more interesting wine information in the future.